It all started by listening to the stories of women in Greece, weaving for their families needs,
as part of their house chores. In Epirus, a mountainous region of Greece where winters are
long and cold, weaving and crafts are necessary for the development of the community, and
have been part of the culture for years.

In the 70’s, over 100 weaving workshops around Greece gave the opportunity for women to turn an household chores into an income-making crafts.
Today, there’s around 15 workshops left

A women emerged from the  belief that craftsmanship is an essential part of a culture, which gathers a community and inspire them to foster ideas that will preserve its culture.

A women aims to find  ways for women artisans in remote places to collaborate and
have a support system in order to create modern products fitted to contemporary women’s
It is just them and us. We work together, produce fairly, slowly and ethically.






We get our wool  from mills near Athens, our cotton yarns from a mill in Volos, and our leather
from a hole-in-the-wall store owned by a woman in Thessaloniki. Women in the Rizarios weaving
workshop based in Monodendri, create textiles, and send them to Thessaloniki where the leather
awaits at Mr. Nestor, our bag-maker’s workshop. After the production, The finished bags return to
our family studio in Ioannina, before being shipped to our customer.

We aim to go around Greek factories and mills and upcycle their waste in order to create our
weavings and final products.




For the past 20 years, there has been a dramatic rejection of textile crafts due to the intense competition
of fast fashion and cheap imported goods. As a result, the majority of the factories seized their business,
and most women and craftsmen gave up their workshops. but also because of the lack of appreciation of
these arts by the younger generations.
Our textiles are handwoven in the Rizarios workshop in Monodendri, Greece. This is a school for girls and
women, that has been able to provide them with jobs since 1970s.

By sourcing and making locally, our goal is to convince a new generation of craftswomen to get back to
business and give the chance to  women who have been weavers for their whole lives, to continue supporting
their households.